Ideas for Cheap Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity forms a prime piece which contributes to both: a clean usage and the looks. There are various innovative ideas going around to make the vanities look good without spending much bucks.

Bamboo Cabinets:


Bamboo cabinets naturally look great. “Good wines need no bush.” is the reality of  these cabinets. It’s a great deal for a reasonable price.


Stone Tops:

Stone Tops:

The wooden base has a great texture by default. Spending a bit more to create stone tops will not only strengthen the structure but also add to the elegance.


Yellow Gloss:

Yellow Gloss

This is a great theming technique, it is not only saves money but also saves the effort to create or add new structures. A simple yellow touch could light up the place effectively.


Unique wood:

Unique wood

A simple wooden touch could give elegance even the costliest materials sometimes fail to. Make the vanity smaller so that it is sweet and smaller.


Silver Touch:

Silver Touch

This might be a little bit costly but saving a few bucks can give you this. The silver touch could give a royal feel to the entire bathroom.


Wooden awesomeness:

Wooden awesomeness

The vanity looks great when given a wooden touch. Imagine the brilliance it will bring if the entire view is covered with it.


Traditional Touch:

Traditional Touch

Where the latest tech designs are great, traditional designs are no where behind. They have kept their pace and have their own admirers.


Glass gloss:

Glass gloss

Covering the vanity with clean shining glass literally makes it look like a modern glass palace. The shine and the feel associated with it is just ineffable.


Unique Australian:

Unique Australian

Something as simple as an unique, traditional Australian design could also add charm to the bathroom vanity.


Cabinet heights:

Cabinet heights

Hate to bend down? These elevated cabinets assists proper placing of bathroom products as well as an ease of access. It also helps keep the place neat and easy to maintain.


Flaunt LED:

Flaunt LED

This idea, literally, “lights up” the place. The LED lights are cheap and easy to plug in. These kind of vanities look great and are unbelievably cheap.


Great cabinets:

Great cabinets

The idea of cabinets are well admired but the location of cabinets are decided according to personal preferences. A drawer like system comes in handy and keeps things neatly manageable.


Simple Lighting:

Simple Lighting

If you appreciate soothing and decent environment then a simple lighting pattern is more than enough to be done for the vanity.